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Crane lorry hire

Marshfield, Wiltshire

Crane lorry hire from FG Bond

Lifting and moving all kinds of heavy load in the South West

For lifting and transporting heavy or large loads, FG Bond & Son provides businesses and individuals in the South West with a comprehensive crane lorry hire service. It comprises a wide range of different crane lorries (often known ‘rigids’) and accredited, experienced drivers.

With manoeuvrability and versatility in mind, our fleet of crane lorries (also referred to as ‘hiabs’) includes 6- and 8-wheel vehicles, each with rear-steering and with either front or rear-mounted cranes.

The lifting capacity of these vehicles is 1.3 tonnes, with a maximum lifting span of 7.5 metres, their carrying capacity is 13 tonnes. We also operate a 6-wheel rigid with a trailer (‘wagon and drag’) able to carry up to 24 tonnes at a time. Where access is an issue, we’ll cope.

For our construction industry customers, our crane lorry hire service is used for lifting and transporting anything from quarry stone, bricks and concrete beams to trees and timber frame houses. While for individuals and small businesses, we’ve moved all manner of things, including church bells, sculptures and garden offices, to name but a few.

So if it’s large and heavy, and you don’t want all the added expense and inconvenience of forklift or mobile crane hire, then hire a crane lorry from FG Bond & Son. Our fleet of lorry-mounted cranes is at your service.

The FG Bond crane lorry fleet

WheelbaseCrane positionMakeModelCapacity (Tonnes)Reg NoNote
6 wheelFrontVOLVOFH4 50013E9 FGB
6-wheelRearSCANIAR45013J9 FGB
6-wheelFrontSCANIAR45013Y9 FGB
6-wheelFrontSCANIAR45013H9 FGB
6-wheelRearVOLVOFH4 50013F9 FGB
8-wheelFrontDAFCF53017G9 FGB
6-wheelRearVOLVOFH4 50012+12D9 FGBTrailer w/ remote controlled crane

The FG Bond crane lorry gallery