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Marshfield, Wiltshire

Petrol station in Marshfield, Gloucestershire

Another of the town’s best-kept secrets

So not a lot of people know this, but yes, FG Bond & Son has run its own petrol station in the beautiful little town of Marshfield since 1944. There was a forecourt and a pump here when we bought the garage premises, and we’ve been serving the local community, visitors and passers-by ever since.

And we’re still unashamedly old-fashioned in our approach, preferring to provide a petrol pump attendant service. It’s that friendly, personal touch that we’re known for, and it’s been a hard habit to break. We get to know our customers over time, and they get to know us. It’s just really nice.

As well as serving customers with petrol and diesel fuel, we also serve AdBlue®. Used by many diesel cars to help reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, it’s an important fluid for combatting adverse climate change effects, and we can provide it more economically than alternative bottled supplies.

And just in case they’re needed, we also sell a small range of motoring consumables, including engine oils, screenwash, WD40 (of course), light bulbs and puncture repairs. And where would we all be without our logs, kindling and firelighters? We’ve always provided them to customers, so we still do…

We’re open Monday to Friday 8 till 6. We look forward to serving you soon.